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Fidelity Passport

Fidelity National Title has partnered up LPS Real Estate Data Solutions, the top provider of the most current, complete, detailed and accurate collection of real estate data.  This dynamic information can be accessed through our Premium Product Portal known as Fidelity Passport.  The partnership is backed by the industry’s leading title insurance company Fidelity National Title, which means you’ll receive the best customer service and support that you deserve.


This is a great tool to speak with your realtors about!  Fidelity Passport will allow your realtor clients to search for property in a specific area they like to work in.  Then they can farm leads exactly how they want them. 

Are your realtor clients looking to increase their short sale business?  NO PROBLEM!  They can farm in an area that they choose and generate leads with a specific lender in mind to look for homes that are underwater.   These are the best leads for short sales!  The realtor can then choose to call the homeowner (all leads are scrubbed against the national Do Not Call List), have the lead automatically generated into a mail ready label format for marketing purposes or choose a more aggressive approach and ‘door knock’ these leads.

Have realtor clients not into short sales?  Are your realtor clients looking for homes that currently have equity?  NO PROBLEM!  They can farm in an area that they choose generating leads on properties that meet that criteria.  These are the best leads for hassle free transactions!  


Are you looking for leads for the new HARP2 program?  NO PROBLEM!  Fidelity Passport will allow you to search for leads that will help you increase your HARP2 prospects by utilizing their user friendly site to identify loans specific to the HARP2 guidelines, such as:

  • Single Family, Condo or PUD properties
  • Conforming Conventional Loans recorded though March, 2009
  • If desired, select properties that have NO second mortgage
  • Properties that had a original LTV of 80% and are now underwater
  • Loans from (a) specific lender(s)

You also have the option to search for FHA Streamline prospects!  Search for:

  • Single Family, Condo or PUD properties
  • Loans originated and closed within a specific time period
  • FHA loans only
  • Specific loan to values

Are you a commercial lender  looking for more leads?  NO PROBLEM!  Fidelity Passport has the ability to search for leads to help you close more transactions!  Search for:

  • Commercial Only Properties
  • Loans with upcoming due dates
  • Properties that have current LTV percentages of less than 80

Want to learn more about Fidelity Passport – Contact your local Fidelity National Title Account Manager today!!

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